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Pixel Courage 19

I snapped out of my reverie, realizing the screen had gone dark a while ago. I opened my eyes for a second. Couldn’t get a handle on my surroundings, because suddenly a hot white light seemed to surround me.

Crackling white energy swirled all around me.

“Come to us,” a voice beckoned.

“Come to us.” A second voice.

“Come to us.” A third voice.

“Come to us,” all three voices said, in perfect harmony.

Hard to get a handle on anything. I reached my hand out in a random direction. Nothing to touch. Nothing to hold onto.

“Come to us,” a voice beckoned.

I was facing in the direction opposite the voice. I turned around.

“Come to us.” A second voice.

Now facing the proper direction, I moved towards the voice.

“Come to us.” A third voice.

White streaks flashing across my eyes. What was this place?

Walked forward with my arms outstretched. One hand grabbed me, then another, then another. The hands pulled at me, jerking me forward.

“Come to us,” all three voices said, in perfect harmony.

I fell out of the light. The hands helped me stay balanced, while my eyes once again adjusted to the surroundings.

A temple of some sort. Made entirely out of stone, it was circular.

The hands that had grabbed me belonged to… No idea what they were called.

They were bipedal figures, wearing long blue robes. Would’ve taken them for human priests, if not for their heads. The heads glowed bright, like miniature suns.

“Is this your first reincarnation?” one of the sun headed figures asked me. Her voice was the deepest of the three — unusually deep, as if she were a female baritone.

I rubbed my eyes for a second. The rapid changes from light to dark had really hurt.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Your LightLife left your body, but it was preserved,” the sun headed priestess said. “It came back to The Source, which is the light you just came from.”

Turning around, I could see that I’d just exited a hallway. The hallway glowed bright with energy, so that it was impossible to see what the room itself looked like.

“Huh.” The only word that could leave my lips.

I tried again. “You guys are…” Had no idea what to say about the situation. “Huh.”

The priestesses began to sing, same as before.

“Come to us,” a voice beckoned.

The three of them walked towards the opening of the wall, out of which light poured. The energy made a loud crackling sound.

“Come to us.” A second voice.

Couldn’t figure out how they sang, or even talked. They had no noticeable mouths.

“Come to us.” A third voice.

Observing them more carefully, it became clear that their heads of light were different sizes. Two of the priestesses had heads that were relatively normal-sized. But the third priestess’s head — the priestess with the deep voice — had a head that was 2x a normal size.

The light of her head also crackled more. It looked wild and unruly. Unstable.

“Come to us,” all three voices said, in perfect harmony.

A female dwarf left the light. They pulled her out of The Source, just like they’d pulled me out of it.

The stone walls were covered in very small figures. I moved closer, touching my hand to the stone.

Tiny 1s and 0s.

The lady dwarf left the temple. The priestesses were singing again, helping yet another PC out of the light.

I left the temple. Didn’t seem like there was much else to do.

The sun was still shining bright. The sky was clear here, meaning the temple was located in the Thorn Kingdom. In fact, the temple was the same one I’d seen on may way to the Thorn King.

Once again I walked in the direction of the wall. To fight again. To fight better.

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