The Future of Megapulp

For those who just want the facts:

Next Monday I’m going to start publishing Pixel Courage, a web serial that originally ran on RoyalRoadL, but which hasn’t been published here. It’s a darkly weird take on the LitRPG genre, which is to say that it’s a serial about a person in their twenties who logs into an MMORPG and finds way more than they’d bargained for.

For those who want a summation of my experiences with A Bad Idea:

A Bad Idea was designed to be like nothing you’d ever seen before: the madcap absurdity of Florida crime writing mixed with the the identity politics hiding just under the surface of the superhero genre. It was a web serial with daily posts (something I’ve only seen one other serialist do successfully), wild mood swings, and more sass than you could shake a stick at.

The work has some failings I’m a bit embarrassed by — I wish I’d spent more time building to the ending, and let’s be honest the majority of A Worse Idea didn’t even make sense — but I know I did my best. And more than that, I know I created something weird, something truly unique. There has to be some value in that. A few laughs, at least.

I loved writing the A Bad Idea series, and I hope you guys enjoyed reading it.

For those who want a little more:

A couple weeks ago, I said I was going to close up Megapulp. I meant it, for all sorts of reasons: I wanted to commit more time to my professional adult life, I was frustrated by the devaluation of writer’s labor (which is often expected to come for free), and a whole host of other stuff.

None of that has changed, but I changed my mind on what to do with Megapulp. It’s been a couple weeks since I finished A Bad Idea (buffers are great!), and already I’m missing the writing. I love this place, I built it, and the community has been very kind to me.

Seriously, the experiences I’ve had here have been so good. Literally thousands of people have read this blog! We’ve gotten over a hundred thousand views! People have said such nice things, and I really think Megapulp is a unique place for those who want to read web serials!

I’ve always wanted to be a web serial writer, and Megapulp lets me do just that.

But my feelings towards writing soured a bit recently, perhaps because this has been a chaotic, emotional year (politically and otherwise!).

In January took an unpaid internship as an SEO specialist, with the understanding that it would lead to a job. I did the work, which involved tons of writing. The posts I wrote performed well and made the company a lot of money.

In the end they chose not to hire me, because they said they could get more free interns elsewhere.

I did the job, worked my ass off, and they decided not to hire me? Even though they’d said they would? Even though all the hours I’d put in made them money?

Call me naive, but that surprised me. It made me think about how little money I’ve made from writing, compared to all the hours I’ve put in.

I thought about my professional future, about all the people who said that writing wasn’t a real job. I imagined never being able to afford a car, never being able to look people in the eyes with confidence and say, “I’m not just making money writing, I’m making a living.

I don’t really expect to make a living just from fiction — at least not in the next couple of years — but nonfiction? Writing for businesses? I’ve been doing that for four or five years now. I’m providing a service that businesses need, and it just surprised me that a business could take so much from a young person in their 20s — a young person trying to find their way in the world — without honoring their word and giving back.

That really messed me up, and it made me think I didn’t want to be a writer anymore.

But I do, because I’m thankful you all are in my life. Even those who don’t comment (which is most of you, but I get it! It takes me a while before I start commenting on blogs, too!) enrich my life, because I know you guys are out there sharing these stories and worlds with me.

I appreciate that. Sorry that A Bad Idea was such a bumpy ride in some ways; hopefully my other works are smoother.

This is a bit of a ramble, but the bottom line is: I’m here, I’m a writer, and I want to write for you.

Care to join me for some more adventures?

If so, I’ll see you Monday. 🙂


2 comments on “The Future of Megapulp

  1. Without a doubt, from the bottom of my heart keep writing. A Bad Idea has been my daily laugh and entertainment for almost 2 years i think. To have you gone from my world would be a devastation. Keep going and show those business bastards who they are missing out on. Best of luck out there.


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