A Terrible Idea 50: Epilogue

Years passed.

The world was shocked by Galactic Man’s death, and the murder trial that Anne went through. As it turns out, Galactic Man had a lot of skeletons in his closet. And it was these skeletons, combined with the fact that Anne was obviously acting in self-defense, that allowed her to leave the court with a Not Guilty verdict.

She ended up winning a civil suit against MA for negligence as to how they handled Galactic Man. With this money, she set up a home for herself up in Northern Florida, in a big secluded area. Here she messed with all sorts of doodads, creating robots she sold to the government for ungodly amounts of money.

She didn’t go out to see people very often, and she was often seized by fits of panic. It wasn’t a happy life, to be honest. But then again, how could she have lived a happy life, after committing murder?

It was the best she could have hoped for. But still, there was that thought gnawing her at the back of her mind: why hasn’t David come forward?

She had killed him, after all. But he’d never told anyone that. According to the newspapers, he claimed to not remember the circumstances of his death.

But deep down, she wondered. Could he really have forgotten?

She got the answer one hot Florida morning, ten years to the day after she’d killed Ricky, AKA Exxterminator.

She hadn’t slept a wink the night before (if she had, do you really think she would’ve woken up in the morning?) So, sipping on some coffee and looking out on the balcony, she wasn’t sure she could trust her senses at first.

Was that a shadowy figure she saw in front of her, one that appeared suddenly, as if through a combination of flight and super speed?

“You killed me,” David said, his voice a low groan. At first he seemed like some ghastly spectre, a waking nightmare. But then Anne realized that yes, this was indeed the man she’d killed, the boy she’d grown up with.

“I did,” she said.”

David’s throat still struggled a bit, an effect of his multiple resurrections. “Then you killed my father.”

Anne nodded her head. “I did.”

“When I was younger, I didn’t realize… how terrible you are.”

“A lot of terrible things in this world,” she said. “Your father was one of them.”

“I can’t believe you…”

Anne shrugged. “Kill me.”

David took a step forward, then stopped himself.

That’s what he’d come there to do, no? He’d come there to kill her, to wrap his fingers around her throat, to watch the life flee her eyes, just like she’d watched his life flee his.

But she wants this, he thought. Did that make it revenge? Or did that make it a mercy? Would it be better to leave her here?

But then, what if she killed again? What if her robotic creations did?

Could the world keep balance, if she wasn’t punished? He could go to the authorities…

But that wouldn’t be the same. He wanted to see her die. He wanted to feel it.

And so he lunged. Not for her, not for revenge or mercy or any of that. He lunged for her because it felt good.

He wrapped his fingers around her throats and squeezed tight, squeezed so damn tight.

She couldn’t breathe, her face turned red, she died.

Finally, an end to her anxious thoughts. It was peace, in a sense.

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2 comments on “A Terrible Idea 50: Epilogue

  1. Thank you. Was this the last chapter?


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