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A Terrible Idea 49

Of course, David wasn’t actually dead. The news of his resurrection spread quickly, though not quickly enough for it to reach Anne and Galactic Man.

It did reach Reverend Francis and his congregation, which was pretty awkward for all involved.

Standing at his pulpit, he let out an awkward sort of chuckle.

“Well, this is…” How could he explain the frenzy he’d caused? How could he make up for the lies that he’d told, everything he’d put Superfreak through? Was there any way he could make it all go away? Was there anything he could say that would get the people on his side, that would get them to understand he where he was coming from?

“I will admit,” he said. “Mistakes were made.”

After that he moved to Rio, where he lived a surprisingly okay life. Wasn’t a great life, wasn’t a terrible life. It was just, you know, decent.

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