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A Terrible Idea 45

It hadn’t taken Galactic Man all that long to find the jet Galactic Kill Squad was on. Once he knew that they were flying out of Johannesburg on a non-official flight, it was just a matter of patrolling the proper geography for the right jet.

In the half hour it took for him to find the plane, everyone inside the plane was feeling tense. No one said much of anything, they were so caught up in their own thoughts. Anne mumbled the occasional swear word, but she’s Anne, so that’s to be expected.

The only significant sound was that of the jet engine, roaring in the background.

The monotony of the noise made its interruption a shock, when Galactic Man burst through the metal hull.

Jennifer grabbed onto Bugface’s blood, which was in her shirt pocket.

She knew Galactic Man would go after Anne.

Jennifer put Bugface’s blood in Anne’s hand.

She barely had time to think. All she knew was that a new plan was required.

The plane tumbled, absolute chaos.

She was strapped into her seat, which gave her the balance required to begin putting on Fallen Angel’s wings.

She watched the members of Galactic Kill Squad, falling out of the plan. The plane was spinning, she couldn’t figure out what was going on.

God help us, she thought.

Of course, she’d met a number of gods, and she hadn’t been impressed; she would have to save the day, probably.

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