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A Terrible Idea 43

A car came to pick up Vanisher, Ice Queen, and Anne shortly after the robbery. The three of them didn’t talk too much; it seemed as though talking would ruin the significance of the moment.

Vanisher merely sat there, holding Fallen Angel’s large, golden wings. Ice Queen spent her time staring out the window of the car, while Anne wrung her hands in excitement.

I’m going to kill him, Anne thought. I’m going to kill Galactic Man.

For though all three of them had committed crimes before, they’d never done it like this: with the intent to murder one of the most powerful men the world has ever known.

They shuffled into the car, where they were taken to a small airport, where all the right guards had been bribed.

Dyson drove them right onto the runway, where a small plane was waiting. They shuffled out of the car and got onto the small jet.

When they entered, they found Jennifer lounging on the seat, a soft smile on her face. Her eyes were focused solely on Fallen Angel’s wings.

No one on the team knew the powers of those wings, but Jennifer did. They’d been worn by a man in Amsterdam, who’d fallen from the sky onto the streets of the city. He looked like many of the homeless men wandering the streets, with his long blond hair, the big bushy beard, the fact that he was entirely naked.

But somehow, that’s not what people saw when they looked at him.

They were mainly focused on the golden wings, which protruded out of his back. Just one glance at those wings and their whole worldview would contort to his. Whenever anyone wore those wings, they changed the worldview of all who glanced at them.

Of course, Vanisher wasn’t wearing the wings, she was merely holding them in her hands.

Still, Jennifer got up and took the wings from Vanisher; she felt better with them in her hands.

“Everybody get ready, we’re lifting off in five.”

Everybody made their way to their seats. They had no idea that very soon, Galactic Man was going to find them.

And he was going to do everything in his power to kill them.

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