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A Terrible Idea 42

Anne, Ice Queen, and Vanisher all made it out fine. Caine, on the other hand, got detained.

He was taken to an underground bunker, where the Johannesburg Metahuman Police interrogated him.

“What were you doing at the museum today?”

“Fuckin’ up the lil shit whose mother I fucked.”

“An important artifact was stolen from the museum.”

“Was it? Didn’t notice.”

“Find it hard to believe your interruption and the theft are unrelated.”

“They are.”

“You’ve done a lot of bad things in your day, Caine.”

“Not as bad as whatever your mother did to make you come out. HaHA!”

One of the guards hit Caine, to little effect. The exchanges went on like that for hours, broken up by periodic moments when Caine was left by himself to stew.

News of the break-in disseminated through all the backchannels. One of the people keeping close watch of the back chatter was Prometheus, who quickly passed the news on to Galactic Man: a group of criminals stole a dangerous artifact today, and it’s the sort of artifact that could cloud even Galactic Man’s cloudy mind.

Prometheus noted that it looked like Jennifer’s work; Galactic man agreed.

Jennifer knew she had to get Caine out of there — and fast. But first, she needed to get Fallen Angel’s wings out of the country.

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