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A Terrible Idea 41

Anne had de-activated the Anti-Teleportation Device while Caine distracted the guards, freeing the way for Vanisher to teleport into the museum.

Vanisher stood outside that very museum, her greasy black hair tucked inside a baseball cap. These moments were always intense: right before she teleported to steal something.

She rubbed her hands together. But it wasn’t just anxiety she was feeling. Sure there was a bit of that, but there was something else in there too, something else transcendent. The feeling that there was something to look forward to, the idea that she was someone who had the power to change the world.

She stood there, looking up at the water floating above the entrance of the museum. Long, blissful seconds passed. Then Ice Queen walked out of the museum. She walked past Vanisher, and the two pretended not to know each other.

After that, everything seemed to happen quickly. Vanisher teleported into the museum. She didn’t take note of her surroundings; she didn’t need to.

She reached up, her hands grabbing the wings of Fallen Angel.

Then she teleported away, so that she was right outside the museum. That only lasted half a second.

She teleported again, a couple blocks over. She teleported again, to the safe house Jennifer had set up.

Vanisher sat there, with the wings of Fallen Angel in her hands.

She was anxious, but she smiled. She’d always dreamed of retiring, but truth be told? This is what she’d been built to do.

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