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A Terrible Idea 40

Anne fucked up the Anti Teleportation Device. I’d explain the details of how she did so, but let’s be honest: all of this science is made up and none of the explanation would make sense anyway.

Let’s say the Anti Teleportation was a small metal box, because why the fuck not. Anne had a miniature screwdriver, which was able to open the box.

Then there were these wires in the box, which had some energy flowing through them, probably? But it couldn’t have been electricity running through them, because that would’ve been too simple. And this is some awesome fake fucking science I’m trying to convey here.

So the wires had phlemgasm running through them. You know, from the land of Phlemgasia? Oh, what, you’ve never heard of Phlemgasia? Well, most people haven’t, because it’s a very small country on that part of the world map you never looked at too closely.

Anyway, this phlemgasia was some rad-ass shit that was totally able to prevent Vanisher from teleporting into the museum, because why the fuck not.

So Anne got in there, and you know, she poked the wires with her screwdriver. This was an attempt to de-activate the device.

It worked, because why the fuck wouldn’t it work? Shut the fuck up and keep reading the story, please.

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