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A Terrible Idea 39

“What?” Mac said.

“Your mother!” Caine yelled. “I fucked her! Diana took a pretty good fucking, but she wouldn’t shut up about her shitty son, and you know what? That pissed me off. Made me want to beat the shit out of her shitty kid.”

Caine picked Mac up, so that the kid’s skinny little legs were dangling in the air. Mac screamed. At which point, the guards began making their way towards the room.

This wasn’t the room where the real trouble was happening. That instead could be traced back to every room that Ice Queen was walking through. She would glance at some supposedly ancient artifact of awe-inspiring power, only to move straight past it.

She would glance at a camera, making sure to keep as much of her face as possible obscured by the baseball cap. With that glance, she would then freeze the lens of the camera, obscuring the picture such that nothing was distinguishable. She did this in about five different rooms, the last of which was the room Anne was currently sitting in.

Ice Queen froze the camera lens in that room, made a quick glance at Anne, then kept walking.

That was Anne’s cue. Caine could be heard fighting some guards in the room with Eight Duplicate Excaliburs. Ice Queen could be seen walking away into the room with the Fallen Angel Wings.

That left Anne, in the room with the Medusa Matrix. She looked at the Anti Teleportation Device, which she had to fuck up.

She smiled.

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