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A Terrible Idea 34

The second Anne got in the bus, she realized she had to play a cold and calculating game: that of trying to decide where the fuck she would sit on the school bus. It wasn’t a game she’d had to play in a long time, but she instantly recognized the sinking feeling in her stomach.

Sit with Caine? Fuck no. What, did she look stupid?

Sit with Ice Queen? Fuck no! Ice Queen murdered the shit out of people, and Anne didn’t understand why, but still: she didn’t want to sit next to a murderer.

She could’ve sat by herself, but that would’ve felt… awkward? If she sat by herself, she’d feel like she was an easy target to pick on.

And so she sat next to Vanisher. She was a bit wary to do so, since Caine was sitting behind them. But still, she decided to do so because Vanisher seemed nice.

Vanisher smiled when Anne sat down.

“Hi,” Vanisher said.

“Hey-o,” Anne said, sitting down.

“Let’s get down to business.” Jennifer walked down the aisle towards her team. “We have a problem.”

“Yeah,” Caine said, “Our problem is you!”

Jennifer whipped a high-powered taser out of her pocket, pointing it at Caine and shooting. The specially-designed barbs lodged into Caine’s skin. An astonishingly high amount of electricity — way more than an ordinary could handle — coursed through his body. He spasmed.

Jennifer smiled, because truth be told, she loved shooting people. She loved how powerful it made her feel, the emotional reaction she got from others. Each time she pulled a trigger, she felt a visceral thrill akin to diving out of a plane.

She hoped Caine would keep being so mouthy; it would give her an excuse to keep pulling the trigger.

“Our problem,” Jennifer explained, “is Galactic Man. He knows our plan, which means we have to change it.”

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