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A Terrible Idea 31

Anne loved the shit out of the internet. She had a lot of questions, and the internet was there to provide the answers.

The most important issue was the nanobots Jennifer was using to keep Galactic Kill Squad in line.

And so, after spending two hours reading some Scully fanfics, looking at pictures of cats landing on their feet, and watching an eight-part Youtube compilation series called ‘Worst Superhero Wipeouts,’ she actually did some research on the nanobots.

Scouring through Reddit threads and paranoid futurist forums gave her some ideas as to how to disarm the things, but it would of course be a process of trial and error before she could be sure that any of them would work.

For her most-promising theory, she would need soap, silly putty, and a cat’s claw.

That was all well and good, but there were other questions she wanted the answers to, as well. For instance, who was she placing her trust in? Could Galactic Kill Squad be trusted?

The concern was focused specifically on Ice Queen. The OldSuperheroHistory subreddit was particularly informative. Or, if not informative, at least full of some interesting theorizing. The facts made most people pretty sure something fishy had gone on.

Before her vigilante activities, Ice Queen, known as Hortencia Ortiz in her civilian guise, had shown herself to be surprisingly meek and caring. Her later personality was so radically different, it led to questions.

Had she been taken over by an alien entity? Had some time travel rift altered her personality?

Or was it something more personal, more psychological?

The more Anne read about Ice Queen, the more frightened she became. Ice Queen seemed like some sort of CreepyPasta story come to life.

She was so wrapped up in the stories, she was surprised when she got an email. The notification came on her phone, which was weird because she almost never used her email and the account hadn’t been linked to her phone.

When she opened the untitled email, she saw that it read, “be at Spanish River bus stop @ 4:30 am tomorrow.”

Anne blinked a couple times.

“What?” she said.

Some other interesting questions came to mind, such as who, why, and how. But the answers to those questions would have to wait until tomorrow.

Or was it tonight? 4:30 AM was like… technically tomorrow, right?

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