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A Terrible Idea 30

Galactic Kill Squad was fucked. Jennifer had been pretty sure of this the moment Galactic Man walked through her door. His arrival had meant he knew something about her plans, which meant that Galactic Kill Squad had lost the element of surprise.

There was still an aura of mystery surrounding the team, thankfully — he didn’t know who the members of the team were, and he didn’t know exactly when they were going to strike. But still, he knew enough about Jennifer’s plans to know that he had to be prepared, that he had to be cautious.

That’d make him even tougher to kill, as if the fact that he was a nigh-invincible super-strong man didn’t make him a tough enough target.

Jennifer knew that her team couldn’t take him down by themselves. Their plausible deniability was nice for PR purposes, of course, but their collective strength just couldn’t take Galactic Man down.

The truth was that they needed artifacts of power. They needed things that would weaken Galactic Man, neuter his powers. And since Jennifer didn’t like taking chances, she wanted Galactic Man neutered to hell. This would mean acquiring really powerful objects.

But the thing about negotiation is that you can be undercut. When the occasion calls for it, word travelled fast in the world of metahumans. And so Jennifer had difficulty getting anyone’s cooperation on this mission.

The villains she talked to didn’t want to help her, for fear of invoking Galactic Man’s wrath. And the heroes sure as hell weren’t going to do anything, because those who know Galactic Man feared him. Those who didn’t know him, respected him.

And so, making call after call, getting dodged time and time again, Jennifer came to the conclusion: there was no way she could get what she wanted sitting behind a desk.

Galactic Kill Squad was going to have to take the artifacts of power needed to defeat Galactic Man. But was the team up to the task?

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