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A Terrible Idea 29

In spite of his super speed, it took Galactic Man a half hour to get off the floor. He looked around at his house, which was now empty of other human life.

He couldn’t hear heartbeats, breathing, Hannah humming to herself on the porch or Bailey listening to music in her room.

This was it, this is what he’d been afraid of: the loneliness.

In that moment, was he any better off than if they’d died?

David, Galactic Man thought. My boy hasn’t left me.

But of course, he didn’t know where his boy was, what he was doing. All he knew was that David couldn’t be dead: Galactic Man had made sure of that.

He turned on the TV, so that his super hearing had something to focus on: an asinine talk show, perfect for the purpose. He tried reading a book, only to find that he couldn’t focus. Glanced through some pages of a hunting magazine he’d subscribed to, even though he himself didn’t hunt.

He thought about calling the people responsible for David and Bailey’s immortality, to make sure it really did work, that there was nothing that could counteract it, nothing that had gone wrong.

But of course, people like that were notoriously difficult to get on the telephone.

He thought about flying over, but they would be so upset if he did. Probably consider it a lack of faith, and who know what the reaction might be.

Galactic Man would fly to them eventually, but he wanted to give it a bit more time. David could still be out there…


Galactic Man decided to go for a walk. He wouldn’t figure anything out if he just sat on his couch, and he knew stewing in his own thought couldn’t be good for him.

Of course, a lot of the things that’d happened to him weren’t good for him, and his troubles were far from over.

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