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A Terrible Idea 27

Galactic Man flew at an astonishing speed. It helped, sometimes, to be able to fly after intense encounters. He could deal his adrenaline up in the sky, where no one could get hurt. Where he could fly away from all the problems, all the emotions he’d found on the ground below.

He sped through the sky, using his super senses to steer clear of the airplanes also flying at that altitude. He sped home.

But as he flew, he realized he wasn’t necessarily flying away from trouble. His wife had gone through a lot with him, of course. But it seemed to be wearing on her, recently.

She got frightened so easily, even when he was there to protect her — even after he’d made sure that their daughter Bailey couldn’t ever be killed.

The flight calmed him down a little bit, but he was still feeling a little off as he descended towards his house. This was before he even saw the madman in a toga, who wielded lightning bolts.

“ZEUS WILL PUNISH YOU FOR YOUR SINS, FOOLISH MAN OF THE GALAXY!” Zeus yelled, lightning crackling between his hands. He turned that lightning into a spear-like weapon. He then threw the lightning bolt at Galactic Man’s house.

The house wall, which had been retrofitted with a highly-expensive metahuman protective substance, looked no less worse for the wear.

Galactic Man shook his head, descending until he flew about an inch above the ground. He cracked his knuckles, saying, “Buddy, I’m not in the mood.”


Zeus threw a lightning bolt at Galactic Man, but Galactic Man shrugged it off. He then pinched Zeus in the shoulder, with enough force to make the metahuman pass out.

Galactic Man wondered if they were going to have to move again.

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