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A Terrible Idea 24

Anne sat in her parked car, her head resting on the steering wheel. “‘Go outside, Anne. It’ll be good for you, Anne,’” she said, mimicking the reasoning she’d used a day earlier, when telling Caine she would go and meet his friend.

Of course, right after doing that, she’d remembered that David had come back to life and was now running a cult and he was probably going to be upset that she’d killed him. Which had led her to drink all the booze she’d had in the house.

“Ugh,” she said, very loudly regretting her hangover.

“No, no, you can do this.” She lifted her head up slowly, regretting every drop of booze she’d ever drank. She was parked in front of Bagels And, Boca’s best bagel shop. According to Caine, this was where she’d find his friend, who wanted her help for… some reason.

Caine hadn’t specified, presumably because he was well-aware of the fact that all phone calls out of the prison were recorded — and surely, Jennifer was able to get her hands on those recordings.

Anne got out of the car and wondered if anyone was watching her. Surely one of Jennifer’s people was looming in a shadow-y corner, right?

She turned to look at some of the shadows (the most notable shadows were those created by cars and a palm tree, incidentally). But then she realized that doing so would make her look suspicious. She wasn’t doing anything wrong! So there was no reason to be worried about Metahuman Affairs.

Walking towards Bagels And, she noticed something odd. The line was out the door and onto the sidewalk, as usual. Unusually, there was some religious lady handing out flyers and speaking the word.

The hell? Anne got at the back of the line, trying to avoid eye contact with the lady.

The religious lady asked her anyway, “Have you heard the word?”

“Uh, no?” Anne replied.

“Here, take a flyer.” The lady held her arm out, putting the flyer right in front of Anne. Begrudgingly, Anne accepted it.

“Okay but fuck you,” she said.

That was enough to get the lady to stop bothering her, but still Anne was worried when she was what was written on the front of the flyer: “He Has Been Resurrected.”

Please let this be a Jesus thing, Anne thought.

She turned over the flyer and saw it had a huge picture of David’s face.


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