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A Terrible Idea 19

Once Jennifer had explained the reasons Galactic Man had to get taken out, the rest of her presentation was pretty simple: she told the team that the plan had to be as secret as possible. Therefore, they were just going to sit tight for a bit, training to take out Galactic Man and waiting for Jennifer to gather all the materials needed to really kill him.

The team understood, everyone got on the ship, and they headed home.

In that time, Jennifer began trying to gather the materials she needed.

She organized a metahuman prison break in South America, a meteorological disaster in Africa, a zombie army in China, a mutant infestation in Australia. When these all struck at once, the heroes would be too busy to save Galactic Man.

Jennifer also made contact with a minor Egyptian deity, whose prism of light could be used to imprison Galactic Man. By neutralizing his flight and super speed at the same time, Galactic man should be even easier to take out.

Of course, contacting the deity was where everything went wrong. It was always hard to get deities to work well with others — even the minor, insignificant deities.

Still, Jennifer thought she could borrow his prism if she appealed to his pride and promised him a spot on The Light Brigade — a mid-level superhero group she could pull some strings with.

The second Galactic Man burst through her office door, Jennifer knew the plan hadn’t worked. The Egyptian deity had leaked her plan, like the little shit he was. There would be time to deal with him later.

For now, Jennifer had to contend with Galactic Man.

He smiled, walking over the door into her office. “Hello, Jennifer.”

Jennifer didn’t take her eyes off the computer screen. She tried slowing down the beating of her heart; she failed.

Galactic Man and Jennifer had had a couple run-ins before, but that certainly didn’t make them friendly.

“Did you kill any of my people to get here?” she asked.

“My skin’s invulnerable.” He sat in one of the office chairs. “I didn’t need to kill anyone.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.” She finally looked at Galactic Man, timing her gaze for maximum effect. “Did you kill any of my people to get here?”

He paused, letting her wonder.

She noticed his hands weren’t bloody, but he had so many powers, so many lethal capabilities.

“So,” he said, “you want to kill me.”

The feeling, she imagined, was mutual.

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