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A Terrible Idea 17

The Galactic Kill Squad got off the boat, climbing onto the pier. They then climbed up a small staircase, which led them to the house.

It was a bit of a fixer-upper: linoleum floor, dirt on the windows. The last place you’d expect a meeting of this sort to take place. The only suspicious thing was the reinforced chair, which sat next to three normal plastic chairs. An old video projector sat on an ever older table.

The whole scene had been set up by some Metahuman Affairs flunkie, who had no idea why he was doing what he did.

Dyson walked up to the projector while Jennifer walked up to the projection screen.

“You can all take your seats,” she said.

Anne, who was super-tired because she hadn’t slept much, rushed towards the biggest seat on the floor. It was hard and not very comfortable, but at least it was big. She sprawled in it, already struggling to keep her eyes open. She figured, soon as those lights were off, she’d just listen to the presentation.

“You shittin’ me, Little Red?” Caine’s booming voice asked.

Anne, who had totally closed her eyes, snapped her eyes open again. She looked like a deer in headlights. Vanisher was somewhat uncomfortable with the scene, while Ice Queen couldn’t help but smirk.

“Oh, right,” Anne said. She literally rolled off the chair, falling to the floor. She then picked herself up, coughed, and chose the chair that was the farthest away from Caine’s.

Jennifer thought about telling everyone to cut it out, but in all honesty she found the scene amusing as well. And she could use a bit of amusement, in times like these.

Dyson turned the lights off, then he turned the projector on. Vanisher, Ice Queen, and Caine all took their seats.

“Before I explain how we’re going to take out Galactic Man,” Jennifer said, “you should know why we have to.”

Of course, Vanisher was just here to earn freedom, Anne had joined the team because of her personal vendetta, Caine just wanted to see his daughter again, and Ice Queen? Nobody really knew why Ice Queen was there, but it sure as hell wasn’t for morality’s sake.

So, in that moment, Vanisher, Anne, Caine, and Ice Queen came to a startlingly similar conclusion: none of them really gave a shit why Galactic Man had to get taken out.

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One comment on “A Terrible Idea 17

  1. Sorry this chapter’s an hour late! For the benefit of the new readers, I just wanna let y’all know this happens once every two or three months. I write the chapters two weeks in advance, which means I never have to scramble at the last second to put something up. I only post late when I have a brain fart and forget to schedule the post the night before!

    Hope everyone’s having a good day!


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