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A Terrible Idea 16

The Galactic Kill Squad got into a powerboat, which took them to their meeting area.

Jennifer knew she had to be careful when discussing the mission with her team. Galactic Man’s superhuman abilities were more than enough to deal with: even worse, he had a lot of friends in high places. She knew all too well that there weren’t many people she could trust.

If the words “Kill Galactic Man” found their way into the wrong ears, she’d find herself facing down a powerful man who was very, very angry with her. It was for this reason she’d chosen the team’s briefing room: one of the few remaining houses in Stiltsville.

Stiltsville was a group of buildings about a mile out from Bill Baggs Cape Florida. They all sat on stilts or beams, hovering just a little above the water. Decades ago it would’ve been a terrible place to go for privacy: all sorts of social clubs had been built here, making it a great place for the rich to drink and kick back.

Of course, nobody in the Galactic Kill Squad gave much of a shit about Stiltsville’s history. Jennifer liked it because it was somewhat isolated: a hurricane had wiped out much of Stilstville out, meaning there were only seven buildings left standing. And the sound of the waves was loud enough to cancel anyone with super sense, who might be trying to listen in to see what Jennifer was doing with all these super criminals.

The rest of the team? They didn’t even know that much about Stiltsville. This was Jennifer’s world, and they were all just living in it.

Not for long though, if some of them had their way.

Anne was excited for the mission, Vanisher wanted to earn her way out of prison, and Dyson was just looking to do his job.

But Ice Queen and Caine? For all their differences, they had one thing in common: they weren’t going to play by Jennifer’s rules, not for long.

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