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A Terrible Idea 15

Anne didn’t notice the team walking towards her. She was too busy imagining how she was gonna kill Galactic Man.

“With a blowtorch?” she mumbled to herself, eyes closed. But that wouldn’t work, of course, since his skin was way too tough. “What about a blowtorch on both his eyes?” Of course, his eyes were probably stupid-strong, too. Were they bulletproof?

Anne realized she had a lot of Googling to get done.

“Time to get up, Anne,” Jennifer said.

Anne opened her eyes and saw Jennifer standing above her. She was tall, blonde, and wearing a skirt.

“Wow,” Anne said, looking for half-a-second. Then she rolled over, turning away from Jennifer and saying, “Oh shit. Uh, crap. Motherfucker.”

She got up clumsily, still trying to pull herself awake from the dream. She didn’t notice Jennifer’s smirk. Instead, she walked forward a step, accidentally bumping into Caine.

She yelped, and he laughed.

She turned again, almost bumping into Vanisher. But Vanisher grabbed Anne’s arms and said, “Don’t worry, we’re on your side.”

Anne took a deep breath, then smiled. Vanisher had calmed her down. The old lady smiled back.

“Haha!” Caine yelled. “Looks like we got a lesbian on the team! Where ya from, lil lesbian? Lesbia? HaHA! I am awesome!”

He raised his hand in the air, expecting someone to high-five him. He looked at Ice Queen and then Dyson, both of whom clearly weren’t options. He then looked at Jennifer, who shook her head no. Vanisher didn’t make eye contact with him, and he clearly couldn’t high-five the lesbian he’d just insulted.

So he high-fived himself.

The Galactic Kill Squad all treated him with varying levels of disdain (save for Vanisher, who was far too scared of him to do that). They all made their way towards the dock, where a boat was waiting for them.

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