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A Terrible Idea 14

Caine, Ice Queen, and Vanisher all kept quiet for the rest of the ride, as the prisoner van transported them to the park. Eventually they got to a near-empty lot, and the van stopped.

The van door was opened by a guy most of them were unfamiliar with: a man named Dyson. He was a big guy — roughly comparable to Caine in size. Shadows twisted and turned all around him, covering his body like kudzu.

Vanisher got out first, genuinely wanting nothing more than to be as far from people’s fists as possible.

When it came time for Caine and Ice Queen to get out, though, both of them remained seated.

“Get out,” Dyson said, voice soaked with disdain.

Ice Queen looked unamused. “What are you waiting for?”

“Ladies first,” Caine said. He faked class. “My highly-refined sense of manners prevents me from pushing past as yourself. You know what I’m sayin’. Chivalry and shit.”

Ice Queen didn’t smile, but after another moment, she did get up. She hopped out of the car, feet landing on the asphalt. Caine was right behind her, and as he got out, he put his hand on her right shoulder. He pressed his weight on that shoulder for a mere half-second as he got out of the van, but Ice Queen’s knees still buckled.

She fell to the asphalt, leading Vanisher to gasp.

Ice Queen got up, pretending nothing had happened. Caine was also surprisingly subtle. He didn’t laugh, but he didn’t offer to help her up, either.

“Cut that out,” Dyson said.

“Yessir, whatever you say.” Caine smirked.

The team made its way towards the beach, where Anne currently lay. Her back on the sand and her eyes towards the dark sky (which was still waiting for the rising sun), she sighed.

When are these motherfuckers gonna get here? Nature is just so… She tried to think of the right word. Nature-y.

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