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A Terrible Idea 13

Anne parked her car in a lot under some trees. It was pretty creepy, with animals making weird sounds and shit as she walked through the path in the wilderness.

She kept her hand wrapped tight around her laser saw, which was in the pocket of her cargo shorts.

“Just try it, owls,” Anne muttered to herself. “I’d like to see you try it. Sizzle sizzle, motherfuckers.”

Despite her wild imaginings, not a single owl tried to burrow its claws into her eyes. Instead she made her way to the beach entirely unperturbed.

The same couldn’t be said of her three teammates, who were currently being transported to the park in a prisoner transport vehicle. None of them were handcuffed, but they had been injected with nano-explosives. So, you know, they were pretty inclined to stay in the vehicle.

With Jennifer and one of her friends driving the van, it was just the three of them, sitting there, trying to get a handle on each other’s identities.

Half an hour had passed, and yet none of them had spoken a word.

The Vanisher, of course, was much too scared to say anything. Ice Queen and Caine were both cold-blooded killers. And they hadn’t killed just once or twice: they’d killed a lot of people.

She kept rubbing her hands together, hoping she could make it through the mission alive. She remembered sipping wine in her penthouse in Miami. She remembered having sex on the beach. She hoped that maybe, one day, she could go back to that.

Caine, meanwhile, didn’t care too much about that. So far as he was concerned, he was invincible. Ice Queen had the ability to control ice, but the way he figured it, ice couldn’t penetrate his skin. She could try and trap him in a block of ice, but that’d take time. And he could break out of a stupid block of ice, anyway.

He laughed, as he imagined her trying.

“Why are you laughing?” Ice Queen said.

Caine shook his head. Then, realizing he had the chance to intimidate her, he said, “I just love reading your thoughts, lady.”

She smiled. “You can’t read my thoughts.”

“Oh yeah, and why’s that?”

“Because if you could read my thoughts,” she said, “you would be scared.”

Caine wasn’t scared. At the same time, he didn’t much feel like laughing at her, either.

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