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A Terrible Idea 6

Jennifer had to put a lot of work into assembling Galactic Kill Squad, because there were so many factors to consider when putting a team together.

What sort of balance would you go for? Would your team be filled with physical powerhouses? If so, what happens when they come up against psychic enemies: do they just immediately get taken over?

What if no one on the team can fly? If one of their enemies could, it was all too easy for the enemy to escape.

There were at least a million different variations when it came to metahumans: so many possibilities, and some of the generally defensive teams had to be ready for anything.

Of course, Jennifer had been afforded one luxury: the team’s only goal was to kill Galactic Man. Still, a local metahuman could stumble onto the fight, and so she wanted to make sure there was some balance that gave the team flexibility.

That all isn’t even mentioning the complications that come when dealing with less, shall we say, moral metahumans.

You had to make sure none of the metahumans were unpredictably evil. Push that line too much and you’d end up with uncontrollable chaos.

Then again, the biggest reason for putting together a team of villains is that they’ll do things heroes wouldn’t do. That meant some of these motherfuckers would have to be killers. Not all of them had to be — and in fact one of them having a bit of a conscience could prove useful.

But still, Jennifer had known she needed to find some bloodthirsty motherfuckers.

And so, shortly after her meeting with Anne, she began interviewing to try and figure out the rest of her team. She’d already had a technical supergenius with strong motive to kill Galactic Man. How could other metahumans compliment and be enhanced by that asset?

Sitting in her office, Jennifer waited for the first interview.

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