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A Terrible Idea 4

Galactic Man wasn’t the only one convinced his son had come back to life. Back in Boca Raton, Florida, at the Boca Raton Bible Church, a Catholic priest was spreading the word of God to his congregation.

“Of course, we’re not all gathered here today on this Holy Sunday for the sole purpose of shaming sodomy,” Reverend Francis told his congregation. It was a small group — one that used to number over a hundred people, yet had now shrunk to less than twenty. “Yes, sodomy is sinful. And yes, Catherine, we’re all very embarrassed by those tapes of you that surfaced on the internet. But ultimately, we have to forgive. And, God willing, forget the horrible sights that have been inflicted on us by a sinful internet.”

Hands on the pulpit and his heart filled with pride, Reverend Francis said, “No, this Sunday I would like to share with you all a blessing that I have witnessed for myself. I don’t know how many of you followed the news after they started calling this Church cursed, for the sole reason that a demon and an alien spaceship had collided on these very premises. But one of the sad souls lost on that day was David Aaron.”

Reverend Francis continued, “He was a proud young man, one who led a group of his fellow metahuman warriors, fighting a Holy fight against the Lord’s enemies. The demon that eventually died on these premises also killed him, in a brutal, malicious fashion.”

Reverend Francis’s voice swelled. “His death was a tragedy. One which some doubted, even, claiming they saw him flying through the air, that they saw him flying through his own college. Some even claimed to see his grave having been dug up! Many of these stories were reported, only to be dismissed as conspiracy theories. Well, folks, I am proud to tell you something today. David did die, but he has risen again. He has risen to fight the good fight again. He has risen to save us all.”

During the entire speech, Superfreak had been hidden in shadow, squirreled away in the narrow stairway to the church’s second floor. On this cue he stepped out into the light, walking towards the Reverend.

People gasped to see him. He looked just like David, and so many of them believed he was David.

Reverend Francis stepped away from the mic, allowing Superfreak to take it over.

“Uh, hi,” Superfreak said.

The congregation erupted with Holy joy.

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