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‘Til Tuesday!

Alright, gang, that’s the end of A Worse Idea! (Check the post below this one if you haven’t read today’s chapter). There was some whacky shit in A Worse Idea that I loved, but overall I wish I’d outlined it.

Therefore, I made up an outline for A Terrible Idea, the next book in this series! It took a couple days, so in order to keep my buffer going strong, I’m taking a vacation from posting from Thursday July 21st to Monday July 25th. I’ll be posting again sooner than I’d previously said I would, because what can I say? I’m an over-achiever.

If you want something to tide you over until the next A Bad Idea chapter, I’ll note that I’m currently serializing a LitRPG fic called Pixel Courage over on Royal Road Legends. The original plan was to cross-post it here, but in all honesty I don’t know that I’m confident enough in the work’s quality to cross-post it here.

You know what I am feeling great about? A Terribe Idea. I’ve gotta admit: I already love where this thing’s going.

So, I’ll see you guys next Tuesday!


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