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A Worse Idea 149

Anne sat in the graveyard, staring at a tombstone.

Shade had been cremated, her ashes taken away by some relative Anne didn’t know. Anne would never see her friend again — not alive, of course. But she wouldn’t even get to see Shade’s ashes.

So she sat in the graveyard, sun beating down on her. She pretended the tombstone belonged to Shade.

“I did it.” The statement felt hollow. Did what? Why would Shade care? “You can rest easy, because…” Shade would’ve wanted revenge, but could she know? Wasn’t she resting easy, now that she was dead? “I’ve…” Anne let out a sigh. “I missed you.”

She felt stupid for coming to the gravesite. What did she have to say to Shade? What could she possibly…

Anne took a deep breath. Closed her eyes and walked over to another tombstone.

“David,” she said. David had been buried — by Shade, actually — but Anne didn’t know where. That meant the random tombstone would have to do.

“I know you had a crush on me, you little shit. Joke’s on you, ‘cause I’m a fucking lesbian.” She kicked the dirt, smirking. “Would’ve been nice if we could’ve just been friends. I wish you’d…” What the fuck was she trying to say. What the fuck am I trying to say? “I wish your dad had…” Why did words fail her, when she wanted to say the things that truly mattered?

“Remember our Freshmen Year, when we were still friends? And we’d been lab partners dissecting the frog? And you looked at it so emotionlessly, like it was just some assignment to be completed? But I was like, ‘No, David, you don’t understand. This is fucking cool.’”

“And, you told me later, you said you saw that glimmer in my eye? The glimmer I got when I was about to do something bad? And like a month later I’d created a zombie frog army? And they had to call in superheroes — not because the frogs were doing anything bad, but because they were so fucking weird. And some guy in a Florida state flag outfit pulled me aside and told me not to fuck around with shit like that anymore. And the bio teacher basically refused to let me use any of his equipment ever again, but the Physics teacher did, and that’s why I was able to make the robot?”

“And your dad never looked at me the same way after that?” Anne choked back the tears.

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