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Anne’s Taking a Vacation!

Hey all! A Worse Idea is wrapping up soon, which means we’re about to head into the new book (I’m still debating between two names for it this is so embarrassing). I want to make sure the plot is a bit more coherent this time around, so I’m taking a couple days off from posting in order to work on the book’s outline.

Therefore, from Thursday July 21st through Wednesday July 26th, there won’t be any posts for the Bad Idea series.

Fear not, though! I’ve been working on another serial, which I’m going to post in its entirety here.

It’s called Pixel Courage, and it’s the story of a guy who enters a Virtual Reality MMORPG, only to find that all’s not as it seems. It’s a little bit horror, a little bit fantasy. Probably for fans of Godpunk more than anything, though I did manage to throw one super-weird fart joke in there.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’re all doing well!


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