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A Worse Idea 139

The Killer’s Gallery was abuzz with energy. Killing the asshole VC named Tim had just made them feel so much more unified.

The programmer allowed them renewed access to what they had hoped would become their greatest weapon: Randy the cyborg.

And they no longer felt bound to their app, which clearly suffered due to major design flaws.

No, they were ready to attack their enemies. They stood in the boardroom, each brandishing their weapons of choice. Should their initial team of killers prove unable to destroy Anne, they would be more than able to get out there and do it themselves.

Standing around the boardroom table, they all laughed, brandishing their weapons.

Scimitars, swords, all too many weapons with lethal potential — they were clenched in the hands of the Killer’s Gallery’s board.

They thought they were all ready for battle. They thought they could handle anything. But their technophobic natures had left them unprepared to face one of the most dangerous, lethal weapons known to man: the gun. Or, more specifically, the assault rifle.

Do you remember that man-crocodile hybrid from a bunch of chapters ago? Name was Croconator? Well, he wasn’t so happy about losing his home in the Bayou. He wasn’t happy about having a killer come after him.

He was even less happy to find he’d been targeted by the Kiler’s Gallery, because of some dumb app he’d signed up for.

And so, assault weapon in hand, he marched into the Killer’s Gallery headquarters.

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