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A Worse Idea 132

Prometheus didn’t get an answer out of Randy. Randy didn’t say much of anything. Instead, Prometheus got a couple more blows in, taking the cyborg down.

Prometheus kept watch on Randy, waiting for a crew to take Randy away. While he waited, he called Sharise.

“We’ve got a problem.”

“Oh, we’ve got a whole hell-ton of problems. Boy, you don’t even understand how many problems we have!” Sharise yelled into the phone. She watched the jizz-man. He seemed peaceful, but hadn’t said much of anything.

“Katie wanted to come after Anne. Given her connection to the Killer’s Gallery–”

“Yeah, I know we’ve got killers coming from Anne. She’s in the garage right now.”

“Sharise, you’re in the–”

“Yeah, she’s in the garage right now!” Sharise yelled. “That’s what I said, Prometheus. You know what else I’m saying? That jizz you got in here just turned into a human being and now it’s walking around!”

Prometheus didn’t say anything for a moment. “I really didn’t understand how many problems we had.”

Ya think!?!

“Stay there. When the crew comes and picks up Randy, I’ll make my way on over. I’m calling the cops and Metahuman Affairs, as well. You all just stay safe.”

“Tall fucking order, big man,” Sharise said. “You keep careful, too.”

Sharise hung up the phone.

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