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A Worse Idea 124

The Killer’s Gallery got to work.

When the hacker found out who’d been responsible for the app’s breach — Anne — the Gallery’s members quickly got to work, finding out everything they could about her.

They discovered her criminal record, the news about the demon/spaceship explosion, her employment with Prometheus.

They discovered everything.

With no time to waste, they began calling up the killers they knew who were still willing to talk to them.

They didn’t bother working with the app. After all, the app was a piece of crap that’d gotten a bunch of people killed (and not just the assassination targets — who were, of course, supposed to be killed).

While they worked on calling everyone, they had the hacker work on Randy’s source code just a little bit more.

The hacker sat hunched in front of a computer screen, deleting every mention of suicide that Randy managed to think up. The hacker also implanted a new thought into Randy’s mind:

Kill Anne.

And so, running down the street, with an intense will to live that contrasted strongly with his lack of things to live for, Randy was suddenly hit with a new impulse.

The hacker took the location of Anne’s phone and gave them to Randy. Randy thus knew where she was.

I have to kill Anne, he thought.

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