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A Worse Idea 118

Randy moved like an animal, tearing through metal like a man possessed. In a sense, you could call him possessed — possessed by his own thoughts, his own code, which seemed to be entirely out of his control.

The guards put up a valiant fight, but they couldn’t match Randy.

He hadn’t shown nearly this much strength or fighting prowess before. Before he’d been confused, unsure, learning, defeated.

But now? He had the will to live. That will gave him power.

The rest of the prisoners sat there, eating their lunch. They weren’t about to help Randy — simply enough, no one liked the guy enough to stick their neck out for him. There was always a chance Randy could actually escape, but the likelihood was small enough that the prisoners felt it wasn’t worth it.

Besides, if Randy kept this up, he’d probably be transferred to an even higher-security prison. Which meant one less schmuck they had to deal with.

Alarms were ringing, metal doors shut the area off from the rest of the prison, red light drenched the cafeteria.

The prisoners kept eating. An attempted escape wasn’t such an unheard of experience.

Truth is, metahuman imprisonment was a tricky thing. It wasn’t like you could take away a metahuman’s powers. Some of them were manageable — keep the lady with the armored suit away from her armored suit, make sure the guy with the magic ruby can’t touch the magic ruby — but when a metahuman’s powers were derived from parts of his body, the issue became a sticky matter of ethics.

What were the ethics of drugging a super-speedster? Could you lobotomize an evil telepath? Nullify a metahuman’s body?

The talking heads had gone back and forth on the issue, the legislature and executive branches of government couldn’t figure out how to tackle the problem.

And so the temporary solution had been: keep them locked down as much as possible, send in superheroes when things get tricky.

Randy tore through the prison’s security, making it beyond the walls of the prison without too much difficulty.

But soon, superheroes would be coming for him.

They wouldn’t stop until Randy was brought back to the prison.

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