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A Worse Idea 116

Mac pulled his fist back, in order to throw it Randy’s way. For a moment, that fist was Randy’s salvation.

Mac was powerful, Mac was tough. He could kill Randy with little to no effort.

And so, watching Mac’s fist, Randy felt happy. He awaited the release of death.

But something odd happened in that moment.

Something unexpected — something far away from the prison where Randy was located.

You see, the programmer working for The Killer’s Gallery was going through Randy’s source code. They were trying to understand the thoughts of this man-machine hybrid.

What made Randy tick? Would changing the code change Randy’s thoughts?

If the programmer had been there from the start, they might’ve been able to sequester Katie’s personality and delete it from the system. But now the three personalities had become so deeply enmeshed…

The programmer went through the file that stored all of Randy’s thoughts.

It was an odd gambit, but this job was so odd, the programmer had no idea what else they could do. They hit ctrl+f, then typed “suicide” into the search box. It searched through the document, finding every instance of the word suicide.

The programmer began deleting those sentences.

For this reason, when Mac’s fist began flying in Randy’s direction, Randy had a terrifying thought: I don’t want to die.

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