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A Worse Idea 110

With a bit of clever maneuvering, Prometheus got his car within seeing distance of Anne’s before too long. The two drove for quite a while. The whole time, Prometheus wasn’t quite sure what he was after. Where did Anne go after work? What did she do? Who was she with?

Truth be told, he wasn’t a detective. He had no illusions of the sort, either. He was a thinker, a tech guy, and also a fighter.

But a detective? Detective work required a whole other set of skills, which he had neither the time nor inclination to develop.

That left him at a complete loss, as he followed her down I-95. She got off, entered FAU campus, parked in the parking lot outside her dorm, then went inside.

Prometheus sat in the car, chewing his lower lip. The fuck do I do now?

He looked at his phone, then decided against it. No, you can do this by yourself.

Sitting there, parked in the parking lot of a college dorm, he had another thought. Who are you kidding? he asked himself. He took out his phone and called Sharise.

Before he had a chance to say anything, she said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know if I can take this call. You know, because I’m so unnecessary.”

Prometheus smiled.

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One comment on “A Worse Idea 110

  1. Sorry this is up a couple hours late! I almost always post at 11:00 AM, but I just forgot to schedule this one last night.

    Actually though I think I had a pretty good streak going. Like, I think I posted 100 posts on-time to the minute?

    And as we’re rapidly approaching 300 posts on A Bad Idea, I still have yet to miss a day for this daily serial. AND this serial has been running for A FULL YEAR ISN’T THAT CRAZY!?!

    Long Story Short: WOOHOO!


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