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A Worse Idea 106

On that very same day, Anne woke up to get to work. Oddly, she was excited to wake up. One might even say she was driven to get up.

She ripped off the sheets and hurled herself out of bed. Within seconds she’d moved out of her bedroom and into the main room. She turned on the TV while she got ready for work.

Some TV news guy was talking about the previous night’s events. “It would seem that several hundred people were killed last night all over the country, in a truly unprecedented event. While no group has taken responsibility for the event, it seems the victims were all connected by something you wouldn’t expect: an app.”

Anne’s get-ready routine was pretty simple. She looked at the jeans she had on, thought They were good enough yesterday, they’re good enough for today. Then she pulled a random shirt out of her closet.

That day she pulled out red-and-black plaid. She smiled because plaid is great.

The newsman continued, “This app has plagued police for months as they’ve worked to solve countless homicides committed by its users. As of now, they’ve had little luck. But if this even is any indication, someone else may have targeted the Killer’s Gallery.”

“Fuck yeah I did,” Anne said. She smiled, turned off the TV, and walked out the door.

On her way to the car, she messed around with her phone, making extra-sure it was protected from anyone trying to break in.

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