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A Worse Idea 102

The Killer’s Gallery office was distressed, to say the least.

They were part of a centuries-long tradition of expert killers. They were responsible for the assassination of JFK, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and Julius Caesar. They prided themselves on an extreme level of competence. They were craftsmen-killers, killers who made murder scenes look like postmodern scenes of art.

That is, they were all that until Tim came around. When Tim came around, he brought with him some… corporate restructuring, let’s say.

Tim shouldn’t have even been around. He hadn’t killed a single person. Hadn’t bathed in the blood of his enemies. In fact, he was actually a fucking vegetarian!

The only reason Tim had been let in was because he was a venture capitalist who could get them out of a tight bind. Thing is, after some very disastrous purchases — 1,000 gold-plated scimitars and a castle in Hawaii, to be specific — The Killer’s Gallery was having a bit of a cashflow problem

And when all of your business is done with murderers and people who pay for murder? Well, not being able to pay your bills is a problem.

It was for this reason they’d brought Tim on. And once they brought him on, they found out he came with all sorts of problems.

He wanted more profit! Massive corporate expansion! Better PR! More relevance!

It wasn’t bad enough that the leaders changed their name from “The Circle” to “The Board of Directors.” Nor was it enough that they had to move from a Hawaiian castle to a boardroom in California. No, no way. Tim wanted to find that thing that would lead to the relevance, profit, and expansion he wanted. He felt that The Killer’s Gallery needed to create an app.

Now, the various members of The Killer’s Gallery were sitting around the round table, dealing with the consequences of that app. The emergency meeting had come together, but it was missing the one member of the board who was responsible for all their problems.

The shadowy figures sat around the roundtable, but one of their members was missing.

“Where is Tim?” one of the shadowy figures asked.

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