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A Worse Idea 100

Meth does a lot of weird things to people. It can cause heart problems, make them feel panicky, and eventually lead to death.

One side effect doctors won’t tell you about is superpowers. That’s because meth really isn’t supposed to give you superpowers.

I mean, generally speaking, the world tries to dissuade people from taking meth. 90% of the side effects of meth are Mother Nature speaking loud and clear, saying something to the effect of, “Please don’t take meth. Why? Why do you want to take meth?”

Seriously. How many people take meth for the first time thinking, “Yeah, this is going to make my life a whole lot better!”

Haley certainly didn’t think that. But when she took meth, it did make her life better. It made her life better by giving her superpowers.

(It wasn’t until years later that she realized the meth gave her superpowers due to a crazy accident that involved her stash of meth getting mixed up in some Mutagen ZYX. So really Mutagen ZYX gave her superpowers. But that didn’t stop the newspapers from saying that meth gave her superpowers.)

The superpower made her particularly good at killing people, because it was a form of teleportation. Essentially, when Haley looked at a picture of someone, she could instantly teleport to their location.

So, looking at the picture of the blood wraith on The Killer’s Gallery app had allowed Haley to transport herself all the way to where the blood wraith was — in front of The Croconator’s shack. She wore a cowboy hat, a pair of overalls, and a wide grin.

She was wielding a big-ass shotgun, and it was the sight of this that frightened Stacy the Not-So-Scary Scarecrow. Because it was pointed right at the blood wraith, who was positioned right in front of Stacy.

Haley shot the gun.

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