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A Worse Idea 99

You see, Bingo the Clown with Chainsaws for Hands had come to Croconator’s shack via a car. It wasn’t that hard, seeing as how Croconator hadn’t hidden his identity, buying the house with his real name.

(As was previously alluded to, croc genes and intelligence aren’t necessarily correlated.)

Stacy the Not-So-Scary Scarecrow had also come to the shack via a car, merely by virtue of following Bingo the Clown’s car (which wasn’t a clown car, actually. It had to be big, to accommodate his chainsaw hands. Because he couldn’t grab the steering wheel, he had to slip those chainsaws through the holes in his steering wheel. It looked pretty stupid, if we’re being honest.)

Dani the Blood Wraith, though? She hadn’t come by car. She’d floated in, like a bad-ass motherfucker. Her backstory honestly wasn’t that interesting — she’d died while she was on her period, which meant that when she became a ghost she was cursed to be on her period for the rest of her afterlife, and she was like super-wrathful about it, as most people would be.

All you need to know is that she’d followed Stacy to the shack via levitation.

So, just as Bingo thought he had a good grip on the door handle he was trying to turn, and just as Stacy raised the pitchfork to drive it into Bingo’s heart, Dani the Blood Wraith said, “Your time is at an end, Stacy.”

Stacy the Scarecrow turned around to see who would say that to her. She was surprised to see the blood wraith, for sure. But what was behind the blood wraith?

Well, that was really scary.

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