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A Worse Idea 93

For days, Anne struggled against her own impatience.

She constantly checked her phone, to see if The Killer’s Gallery app had updated her on the progress. Early on, it confirmed that Griselda had indeed agreed to assassinate Janet.

This pleased Anne, but her joy didn’t last long. Because of course, there was another step — the big step — which came with so many questions.

What if Griselda failed? Or what if she killed Janet, but then got caught? How many things could go wrong?

The cloud of despair that surrounded Anne only grew more manic and intense. People would go out of their way to avoid her — they saw that she was completely lost to this world.

She only took one shower that week. The whole time she felt anxious, wondering if a notification might come. The instructions said she needed to confirm the kill when Griselda got within range of the target.

What if I miss the notification? It was this thought, and almost entirely this thought, that occupied her mind.

Over time, she grew to hate The Killer’s Gallery app. It was the source of so much disappointment. She could only check the empty notification box so many times, before the whole thing felt like a disappointment.

So it was a great surprise to her when she received the notification on her phone. She was laying on her bed in her room. The confirmation came through a simple chat box on the app. The chat box read, “GRISELDA: TARGET IN SIGHT. CONFIRM KILL?”

Anne had been waiting so long, she didn’t really even think about the consequences. She merely typed back, “yes.”

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