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A Worse Idea 82

Anne adjusted the backpack on her shoulder, which was filled with the laptop and connection cables required to do fun hack-y stuff.

She walked into the lobby of the office building with no idea what to expect. Truth is, she hadn’t done her research or scoped out the place, which was pretty dumb.

She wasn’t exactly ‘patient’ or ‘good at this’. In fact, she was incredibly ‘impatient’ and ‘bad at this’.

She tried walking past the front desk of the building, her sight focused on the blue tile.

No dice.

“Hey, you,” the security guard said.

Anne kept walking.


Anne stopped.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m, uh…”

The guard pushed. “Who are you here to see?’

That stopped Anne for a moment.

“I’m really, uh, so glad you asked that,” Anne said. “I’m here to see the agent.”

“The Agent? Who? What’s that?”

Anne thought back to the Metahuman Affairs agent she’d interacted with.

Whenever the government wanted Anne’s technology, they sent someone to Anne’s place to take it. Sometimes there’d be multiple someones, but there was always the head honcho. Who was that? Who was it that always came?

The lady had never told Anne her name.

“So,” Anne said, walking up to the desk. She leaned in towards the guard. “I’m sort of an evil genius, and I sort of have this agreement with the government that they can take my stuff. But I wanted to, uh, talk about that. I guess? Yeah.”

“Sounds like you’re looking for the Metahuman Affairs office,” the guard said.

“I didn’t realize there was more than one option.”

“Lady, we have all sorts of offices here. Financial, legal, the works” the guard said. “Though if you were going somewheres more professional, you probably would’ve showered.”

“Haha,” Anne said, faking the laugh.

I could stab you, she thought.

“I’ll call the office and let ‘em know you’re comin’ on up.”

“Great. You’re just gonna let me…” Anne pointed at the elevator. “Okay.”

She walked towards the elevator.

All according to plan, I guess?

The guard laughed. “Metahuman Affairs doesn’t need me stoppin’ people who want to go to their office They’ve got a lotta guns up there. If they wanna stop you, they can.”

I really should’ve come up with a better plan. The elevator doors closed. Or any plan, really.

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