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A Worse Idea 75

The Killer’s Gallery, Anne’s new target.

She certainly didn’t forget Galactic Man, but she needed time before she could get to him. She needed to create so much more equipment, she needed to study some of his exploits, research his every movement, figure out how he worked.

But The Killer’s Gallery?

They’d hurt her more recently, and they were more easily accessible.

And so, the next day, Anne spent a lot of time on her phone. Sure, she went to her classes and went to Prometheus’s garage for a couple hours.

But most of the time, her mind was elsewhere. Even when her hands were on a physics test or Prometheus’s gauntlet, her mind was focused on her phone.

She’d downloaded the Killer’s Gallery app onto her phone. She’d looked at the source code, and was figuring out how best to conduct a pentest.

A pentest, you see, would allow her to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the program.

Once she had that? If she did it right?

She would be able to hack into their system.

Once she’d hacked into their system, the fun could truly begin.

She smiled at the thought of it; did that make her a bad person?

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