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A Worse Idea 60

That night, Anne went back to her dorm. She sat on the couch eating a bag of salt and vinegar chips, while Real Miami Superheroes played on the TV.

The TV was good. Anything was good, really, so long as it could distract her from her own mind.

The man on the TV wore a bright purple outfit: cape, cowl, gloves, the whole shebang. His outfit was made even more ridiculous by his lanky frame. His body was all edges: angular nose, sharp elbows, etc. On his chest, his name was written in a bright, ugly yellow: Limelight.

“I can’t believe she’s dead,” He picked up his spaghetti-covered fork and slipped it into his mouth. “She was my arch nemesis.”

“Aren’t you being a bit dramatic, dahling?” Stefanie, the woman he was eating with, looked particularly graceful when compared to her dining partner. She wore a white mink coat — odd, given the fact that they were eating outside a South Beach restaurant. But somehow, she pulled it off.

Limelight’s eyes caught a glimmer of the setting sun. “She and I had so many good fights together.”

Stefanie rolled her eyes. “You know you two were never good together. No chemistry. No spark.”

“She was my arch nemesis.”

“You’re a D-List hero. She was the queen-cum-tyrant of an undersea kingdom.” Stefanie mostly ignored her salad. “She might’ve been your arch nemesis, but you weren’t hers.”

“We…” After a couple moments of thought, Limelight shrugged.

“You two were never good together,” Stefanie said. “You wanted it to be good, but it wasn’t.”

Limelight set his fork down. “I just don’t know what to make of everything, now that she’s dead. I liked fighting her. Things were good at first, but then… Now that it’s over, now that I’m looking back, I don’t know whether to focus on the good or the bad.”

Stefanie leaned in, grabbing Limelight’s hand. “Don’t look back.”

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