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A Worse Idea 57

Prometheus looked at all the knickknacks Anne had created, unsure where exactly to start. There was something there that comforted him. Instead of having to talk about any of the personal, emotional stuff, he had something much easier to talk about.

Gadgetry was so much simpler than people. In a sense. Like sometimes gadgetry is really complex? I’m a writer, so the toaster is about the level of complexity I can handle when it comes to understanding gadgets. But I digress…

“How would you feel about taking me through a tour of what you’ve been working on recently?” he asked.

“I’m working on a thing right now.” Anne sat at a workbench in the corner of the garage, fiddling with a glove.

“What are you working on?” Prometheus asked.

“It’s a modified version of your glove that can emit strobe lights,” Anne said.

Prometheus shook his head. “What’s the practical application of that?”

Anne opened her mouth, then closed it.

She opened her mouth a second time, certain there must be some reason why she would have thought to create something offbeat. She couldn’t think of the reason, so she closed her mouth again.

She was about to open her mouth for a third time — because seriously there must’ve been a reason why she’d come up with this idea — but decided to save herself the embarrassment.

She nodded her head. “Yeah, I’ll give you a tour.”

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