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A Worse Idea 51

Anne watched Prometheus burst through the fast food joint’s door. His jet boots were on full-throttle, which let him fly straight in Randy’s direction.

Prometheus grabbed Randy by the shoulders.

The cyborg’s feet left the ground for a moment, and Prometheus threw the cyborg at a tree.

Randy slammed against the tree, not breaking it but getting damn close.

Anne watched Prometheus and Randy fight. Standing there, she realized it didn’t really matter.

Shade was already dead, wasn’t she? Anne thought long and hard about it. Shade had been worried about getting killed, then she’d disappeared.

Anne tried focusing on the fight. Metal meeting metal, fist meeting face. They were scraping at each other, but not really hurting each other. Shallow. Without the pain, the violence was meaningless.

It didn’t matter. Anne hoped something in this world mattered. Anything.

Shade’s dead, Anne thought, and it’s my fault.

Prometheus had gotten the upper hand. Sparks flew as his fists rained down upon Randy’s face.

Anne didn’t care.

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