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A Worse Idea 37

You see, the dog Janet lay on actually belonged to a pretty rich guy. We won’t get into him too much, because let’s be honest, this has been enough of a tangent.

But suffice it to say he was pretty surprised to find a naked orphan riding his dog. More than that, he was even more surprised when it turned out there wasn’t even a record that she’d ever had family. All she had were wild stories of microscopic worlds.

The guy ended up raising her. He actually did his best, but she was an angry, angry little person.

There was only so much he could do.

It was for this reason that Janet took her anger out via a variety of illegal, extracurricular activities. It turned out she could will herself to become small or big (though the term big is used loosely here — it’s only applicable if we can call a 3-foot-tall person big). This made her useful to the criminal underworld.

That’s how she ended up killing for a living. And because she killed for a living, she downloaded the latest app from the most notorious assassin’s group in the world: The Killer’s Gallery.

By checking the app, she found out that someone was paying big money to have Shade killed off.

Sounded like a fun challenge to Janet.

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