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A Worse Idea 36

Janet, the bad-ass microscopic bitch who lived on a quark, wasn’t raised quite right. You see, she had a no-good father who never did nothing for nobody. He left Janet’s mother before Janet was even born.

Janet — missing her father, even if he was a tiny, tiny smaller-than-quark-sized lifeform like herself — grew up with some serious issues.

Sure, she went to a super-tiny school with her super-tiny microscopic friends. But she always felt a little different. She always knew that her father had never loved her.

That made her sad. But more than that, it made her mad. It made her angry that this world didn’t feel like hers.

She wanted to be bigger than the world she was in. She wanted to overcome it.

Eventually there was so much anger in her soul that it was too big for her microscopic body. And so she began to grow.

She grew bigger than any other member of her kind had ever been. She grew bigger than the school she’d gone to, than the quark she’d lived on. She grew so big that she was bigger than atoms, molecules, and the like. She grew until she became visible to the naked eye.

As it turned out, the quark she’d been a part of had actually been a dog hair. So, when she grew to her full size — around three feet — she found herself laying on top of a Newfoundland dog.

She was about ten years old, then. Life had more curve balls left to throw at her.

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