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A Worse Idea 34

Meanwhile, off in a dark boardroom on the Californian coast, a group of shadowy figures sat hunched around a table.

“It would seem that things are going according to plan,” one of the men said, stroking a cat.

“Yes,” a second man said, stroking his chin. “All according to plan.”

A third man stroked the table. He let out a quiet sort of chuckle, which gradually changed to sound louder and more malicious. “Things, according, plan,” the third man said.

Tim, a fourth man, burst through the door. A shaft of light entered the board room, revealing one of the shadowy figures to actually be a myopic, redheaded executive.

“Sorry I’m late,” Tim said, smacking the wall with his hands. “Where the fuck is the light switch?”

“I was playing croquet, and tee time was a little later than I’d thought.” Tim found the switch and flipped it, flooding the room with even more light. “Plus, it’s always a pain in the ass to find this place. Can’t we put a sign in the lobby that says, Killer’s Gallery Headquarters?”

“We need to exercise a bit more…” The man paused for dramatic effect. “subtlety than that.”

“How about the KG Room, then? At least give a guy a hint,” Tim said. “We can talk about that more later. I really just want to know how our plan’s going. How many assassins have we sent after that teleporting girl? Has our cyborg killed them all? Has combining the best parts of all these assassins into one super-assassin been successful yet?”

One of the now-not-shadowy figures looked at the open door. “Remember what we just told you about subtlety, Tim?”

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