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A Worse Idea 33

By the time the fifth hour had arrived, Anne was bored. At least when she’d killed people, she hadn’t made them wait.

Anne had a point; punctuality is important.

“So,” Anne said, standing right next to the window, looking out at all the students going to class. “I’ve got a class I’m supposed to be going to in like twenty minutes. Do you mind if I leave you here?”

Shade crouched behind the couch, holding a harpoon. “Get away from the window.”

Anne shrugged, walking away from the window. “Is that a yes? As in you do mind? Not a yes as in ‘no problem if you leave.’ God, why is English such a weird fucking language.”

“You might die,” Shade said.

Anne glanced at the plasma blaster, which she’d left right next to an empty glass of water. “Honestly, if this guy has to stake us out like this, his murder game is weak. I’m not even worried.”

“You’re starting to sound like a pro when it comes to killing people.”

Anne sighed. “I’m just too tired to feel bad about it. And I’ve got a new job that I’m loving. And honestly the both of them kind of had it coming.”

Shade didn’t say anything. She didn’t know what to say.

Anne crouched down right next to Shade. Looked Shade right in the eyes.

“Ricky was spying on me, and he broke into my room. David was a self-entitled nutjob who should’ve stayed dead the first time. Sometimes I do feel bad about it. My bad days especially. But when I really think about it? When I think about what I did, what they did, and what superheroes do every day? I don’t regret a thing. I was in the right.”

Anne placed a hand on Shade’s face. She leaned in and bit Shade’s lip, drawing blood. She let go.

“We haven’t had sex in a while,” Anne said, heading for the door. “I’d like to change that. Stick around ‘til I get back. We’ll have a really good time, then figure out what’s going on with this killer guy.”

Anne left and the door closed.

Shade just didn’t know what to say.

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