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A Worse Idea 30

Meanwhile, back at the bar, Praetor VII stood at the very spot Shade had teleported away from.

He hadn’t been particularly shocked or dismayed to see her go. He had, after all, done his homework on the girl the Killer’s Gallery had assigned him to kill. He knew she could teleport, which is why he’d tagged her with a tracking device.

Even if she took it out and ran, it would be very instructive to see where she’d originally teleported to.

And so he stood there, clad in futuristic garb: a chrome helmet fashioned after Roman warriors, a long tunic, gloves speckled with diamonds, a purple visor, bright yellow boots.

Glancing at his watch, Praetor VII could see that Shade had teleported to FAU.

Of course, you might not care about his personal success unless you don’t know a little more about him. So, allow me to explain.

Praetor VII came from a future that no longer existed. Originally, he’d come back in time because The Queen of the Future had demanded it. She’d wanted him to take a sample of Galactic Man’s blood, but he didn’t really succeed.

He held out hope that he could eventually appease his queen and go back to the future. However, that proved impossible when Galactic Man punched a guy so hard he ripped through the space-time continuum (don’t ask how that fight got started of who he was fighting; it happened in the 90’s, the part of the 90’s a lot of superhero fans don’t like talking about).

By ripping through the space-time continuum, Galactic Man had eliminated the future Praetor VII came from. So, aimless, Praetor VII ended up joining the premier assassin’s league for this timeline. What was a great killer with neither home nor occupation left to do?

It was for this reason he looked for Shade: he wanted purpose.

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