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A Worse Idea 28

Shade’s fingers slid across her neck. She felt the dart that’d caused the pain.

“I never told you why I went to prison,” Shade said.

“What’s in your neck?” Anne asked.

Shade pulled the dart out. “You have any Band-Aids?”

“Oh my fucking…” Anne began, then realized she should probably look for the Band-Aids. “Yeah, let me look for them.”

She did, going into her bathroom and rifling through some drawers.

Shade followed. She used her hand to apply pressure on her neck, which was bleeding. “Heist gone bad, some guys were pretty upset with me. Looks like they hired an assassin.”

“I’m going to need more details than that.” Anne said. She found the box of Band-Aids and took one out. “Don’t you think I deserve more details than that?”

“I’ll tell you in a second,” Shade put the Band-Aid on. “First I need to know how many weapons you have in here.”

“Let’s see. One, two, three…” Anne tried to think of all the weapons she had in her room. There was plenty of stuff for the mecha, some quote-unquote failed weapons that were still pretty good at killing people, a couple things she’d assembled for fun, and a couple more things she’d assembled after she’d gotten paranoid about the multiple people she’d killed rising from the grave. “A lot.”

Anne coughed. “I have a lot of weapons here.”

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