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A Worse Idea 27

It’s odd how two people can grow so close and yet feel so apart.

Shade stood in Anne’s living room, looking at Anne, terrified for her life.

At the same time, Anne stood in her living room, looking at Shade, unsure what was going on.

They’d seen each other, sure. And they’d talked some, too. But ever since Anne had killed David — some months ago now — things had felt weird between the two.

Anne hadn’t shared her plan to kill David’s father, Galactic Man. In much the same way, Shade hadn’t shared with Anne the fact that both David and Ricky’s bodies were buried underneath the bar she worked at.

There was so much they didn’t know about each other. Some stuff they didn’t want to share with one another.

Standing there in Anne’s living room, with Shade’s life on the line, that shouldn’t have mattered. But it did.

“Someone’s trying to kill you?” Anne asked.

“I think so,” Shade said.


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